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Aqua Sphere Ergonomic Pull Buoy

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This item is discontinued and we do not have any more in stock. Please contact us for alternative recommendations.

ErgoBuoy Pull Buoy

Specially designed to fit comfortably between the legs, the Aqua Sphere Ergonomic Pull Buoy helps to maximize upper body training.

Intense Upper Body Workout

The Aqua Sphere pull buoy is shaped differently from other traditional pull buoys. Instead of a double float or figure-8 shape, the ergonomic concave curves fit seamlessly in between your upper thighs. This design gently and effectively immobilizes your lower body and transfers all the pulling responsibility to your upper body. In turn, you’re sure to get the ultimate upper body workout. The isolated arm motion also gives swimmers a good chance to focus on and improve stroke form. To really get the most out of the Ergonomic Pull Buoy, try pairing the device with resistance hand paddles. The Aqua Sphere ErgoFlex Hand Paddles are large, comfortable paddles that help further isolate muscles in the upper body. Between the ErgoFlex and the ErgoBuoy, you're sure to get an arm, shoulder, chest and back workout like never before!

Buoyancy Factor

Not only does the Aqua Sphere pull buoy help immobilize the legs, but it also provides a good deal of buoyancy to keep legs and hips afloat. This is important if you’re avidly working on proper body alignment. Other, less buoyant pull buoys can cause the hips to sink. This is not only tiring for your upper body, but can be detrimental to body’s positioning. By keeping the hips and lower body at the surface of the water, swimmers find it easier to cut through the water in perfect form. And just in case you find the buoyancy to be too much, the Ergonomic Pull Buoy comes with removable inserts that allow you adjust the amount of support.

Additional Specs

The Aqua Sphere ErgoBuoy has an optional belt, complete with quick release straps, that helps keep legs together and ensures that the buoy stays in place. This is a great feature for first time users who have a hard time clinching the pull buoy. Because it is so comfortable to use and provides so much buoyancy, it’s a great device for more novice swimmers. Although intermediate and advanced swimmers will also enjoy its comfortable design, they might be better suited with the Aqua Sphere P2K. The P2K is a kickboard/pull buoy that can be used to work both the upper and lower body. The Aqua Sphere Ergonomic Pull Buoy is available in blue with grey accents.

The AquaGear Opinion

To see how well the Ergonomic Pull Buoy really worked their upper body, the AquaGear testers tried out the unique device. Swimmers liked that the device immobilized the legs and the way it provided tons of buoyancy to the lower body. So much, in fact, that testers noted that you should be prepared for your legs to come up quickly when using the pull buoy. Because of its buoyancy, the device can also help with proper body alignment. If you’re planning on using the ErgoBuoy’s strap, it’s easier to sit down on the edge of the pool and put the pull buoy into place.

The Bottom Line

The Aqua Sphere ErgoBuoy can keep your lower body comfortably supported while giving you a great cardio, core and upper body workout.

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