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Aqua Sphere Aqua Sphere Ergo Bells

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This item is discontinued and we do not have any more in stock. Please contact us for alternative recommendations.

Ergo Bells

The Aqua Sphere ErgoBells are like no other hand buoys that you’ve seen or used before. Designed to give you a versatile upper body workout with varying degrees of resistance, the ErgoBells really are one-of-a-kind.

Unique, Versatile Shape

One of the first things you’re sure to notice about the Aqua Sphere ErgoBells is their unique, one-of-a-kind shape. Unlike traditional hand buoys, which often mimic the shape of a dry land dumbbell, the ErgoBells are quite different. Instead of round, donut-shaped floats, the bells are flared at each end to provide varying levels of resistance, depending on how you hold the devices. And the bells’ cutout handholds ensure that both hands and wrists stay comfortable throughout the workout. In fact, the cutouts allow swimmers to hold the ErgoBells in a number of positions in order to achieve multiple resistance levels. Their ability to vary intensity is similar to that of the AquaJogger Delta Bells. These hand buoys’ triangular design offers adjustable resistance simply by turning the barbell.

Low Impact Conditioning

The ErgoBells’ unique shape is what makes them fit seamlessly into any water workout routine. Their design can offer both high and low levels of resistance, making them ideal for low impact conditioning. The unique handholds allow swimmers to use multiple hand positions that result in a wide variety of exercises. And because they can be used for both strength training and cardio workouts, the ErgoBells are great for toning muscles and burning calories. While the hand buoys can give you a challenging workout, Aqua Sphere has another product that might be better suited for more serious exercisers. The VR Dumbbells are traditionally dumbbell-shaped workout devices that come with 2 handles and 4 discs. Use 2 discs for a good, high resistance workout, or pack on all 4 for a serious toning and sculpting routine.

Solidly Constructed

The ErgoBells are made from high quality, long lasting, non-waterlogging EVA foam. They are resistant to chlorine and are designed to dry quickly. The set is available only in orange and is sold in pairs. Use them in shallow or deep water for a great way to help sculpt the chest, shoulders and arms. Throw your Aqua Sphere ErgoBells in your swim gear bag and take them along with you where ever you work out takes you. The Speedo Mesh Equipment Bag, which is made from 100%, breathable nylon mesh, is ideal for storing and properly drying any and all your water workout gear.

The AquaGear Opinion

The AquaGear pool testers were excited to try out this unique product from Aqua Sphere. Swimmers found the ergonomically shaped hand buoys were very comfortable to grip. They put the ErgoBells through the ringer and still found that their non-waterlogging foam remained extremely durable. All in all, these training devices were given high marks for being such a versatile tool for toning muscle groups throughout the upper body. Not only that, but their compact size makes them great for travel!

The Bottom Line

Pick up a pair of hand buoys that â€" truly! â€" breaks the mold. The Aqua Sphere ErgoBells are uniquely shaped training devices that can help you get and stay in shape.

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