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Aqua Sphere Eagle Swim Goggles

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This item is discontinued and we do not have any more in stock. Please contact us for alternative recommendations.

Aqua Sphere Eagle Corrective Lens Goggles

The Aqua Sphere Eagle Goggles take underwater clarity to soaring heights with their revolutionary interchangeable optic lenses. No longer do you have to make-do with goggles that somewhat match your prescription eyewear needs. Find your perfect combination by mixing and matching the unbeatable lens clarity of the Eagle Goggles. The goggle and corrective lenses are sold separately.

The Perfect Prescription Swim Goggle

The Aqua Sphere Eagle Goggle offers its users the option of interchangeable optic lenses. This means that even if you rely on contacts or glasses for 20/20 sight out of the water, you can have the same clarity while in the pool. While this pair comes standard with non-prescriptive lenses, Aqua Sphere offers Eagle Optics Goggle Corrective Lenses for a seamless transition into perfect underwater sight. The Optics lenses come in a wide range of degrees and can be mixed and matched to fit the varying degrees in each eye. If you've ever relied on other prescription goggles, such as the Barracuda H2Rx, to see assist your eyesight in the water, you know how important it is to find a goggle that fits your existing eyewear needs to a T. Even if you don't require corrective lenses to see clearly, you will love how crisp your vision will be with the Eagle Goggles in tow.

Crystal Clear Quality

While the number one thing that stands out about the Eagle Goggle is their impeccable clarity, it's not just the precision that makes the Aqua Spheres a highly rated pair. Not only do the lenses offer both UVA and UVB protection, but the polycarbonate lenses are also highly durable and treated to be the utmost resistant to scratches as well as fogging. The Eagle Goggle is simple and clean and perfect for any level of swimmer. Store these highly coveted goggles in the made-to-fit Aqua Sphere Goggle case to prevent any kind of damage to your eyewear while not in use.

A Fit Like Few Others

Other than the outstanding lenses, these goggles are easy to fit to any face and head shape. The one-piece construction bends to fit the curves around the eyes and proves to be leak-proof in most any condition. The hypoallergenic silicone skirt and head strap are designed for long lasting comfort. And since these goggles were specifically designed with fitness swimmers in mind, the easy-adjust buckle system is ideal for swimmers who don't have time to slow down to find the perfect fit.

Finding Your Diopter Strength

Although similar to your glasses prescription, swim goggle diopter lenses require a quick calculation to ensure that the proper strength is selected and post-swim headaches are avoided. Looking at your prescription, you'll want to locate the sphere and cylinder for each eye. Use the following formula to find the right diopter lens for you:

(1/2)(Cylinder) + Sphere = Diopter

Example: If your left eye (OS) has a sphere of -4.5 and a cylinder of +.25, your diopter strength would be as follows:

(1/2)(.25) + (-4.5) = -4.375

Remember: Water will refract light and correct vision a bit without any prescriptive power applied. With that in mind, if your calculation does not end with a .5, select a diopter strength that is one step lower than the outcome of your calculation. In the example above, with calculation of -4.375 you should order a -4.0, not -4.5 diopter strength. If you need help, please give us a call or open a chat session for guidance.

The AquaGear Opinion

The testers in the Aqua Gear pool loved how user friendly these goggles were. They scored high because of their simple adjustment design. But, most importantly, they stood out because of their incredibly clear vision not only above but also below the water's surface.

The Bottom Line

If you're looking for a goggle that will make your path to the finish line as clear as possible, look no further than the simple and clean design of the Aqua Sphere Eagle Goggle to do the job for you.

Product Reviews

This item is rated 5 out of 5 stars based on 6 reviews. Already own one? Write a Review!
Aqua Sphere Eagle Goggles
Written by on October 10th

Best goggles with reasonably priced prescription lenses. I carry these when I travel, so they are used occasionally. The pair I am using are at least 5 years old and still good.

Aqya Sphere Eagle Swim Goggles
Written by on December 3rd

Bought these goggles to replace my older Eagle Swim goggles. The sight clarity and peripheral vision capability was just amazing! Maybe Eagle Eye Swim Goggles would be a more appropriate name. These goggles rock!

Eagle Aqua sphere goggles
Written by on April 30th

I have never found a better pair of goggles. All I have used for last 10 years. Sturdy. No leak. Great product.

Aqua Sphere Eagle Goggles
Written by on March 5th

I love these goggles and the price was great ! I actually order the prescription lens in these incredible goggles too. Very high quality goggles at a fraction the price of other places I ordered these from. I had the Blue framed ones before and I ordered 4 clear goggles this time . You can not go wrong with either color.

Terrific goggles
Written by on February 10th

I have used these goggles for years--they literally last for years, swimming 5 hours a week! Plus I use the optical lenses and don't have to buy them each time the strap wears out.

Son loves them.
Written by on June 1st

My son loves the goggles! They fit comfortable and work great.

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