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Aqua Sphere Eagle Optics Goggle Corrective Lenses

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This item cannot be purchased at this time. This item is discontinued and we do not have any more in stock. Please contact us for alternative recommendations. This item is discontinued and we do not have any more in stock. Please contact us for alternative recommendations. You've requested 1 of this item, but the per-order limit is 1 . You've requested 1 of this item, but we only have 1 in stock and this item cannot be back-ordered. You've requested 1 of this item, but the per-order minimum is 1 . You've requested 1 of this item, but this item must be purchased in multiples of 1 . You've requested 1 of this item, but we only have 1 in stock. This item cannot be back-ordered. Please select a quantity that is less than or equal to the quantity in stock. We expect the item(s) to ship on November 30, -0001 , but the ship date is not guaranteed. The typical lead time is 1 - 14 days, but the ship date is not guaranteed.

Eagle Optics Corrective Lenses For Eagle Goggle

THIS IS NOT A PAIR OF LENSES, BUT A SINGLE UNIT. ENTER "2" IN QUANTITY FIELD FOR A MATCHING PAIR. EACH LENS AND THE GOGGLE ARE SOLD SEPARATELY. Or, for different diopter strengths, enter "1" in the quantity field for each corrective level needed. These lenses are 100% symmetrical and thus, suitable for either the right of left side of the goggle.

Made for use with the Aqua Sphere Eagle Swim Goggle, the Eagle Optic Lens is a breakthrough in design offering optional interchangeable optic lenses that bring clarity back to your swim. Eagle Optics clear lenses are designed to provide the greatest visibility indoors or in low light. 100% UV protection allows you to swim in full sunlight without the risk of damage to your eyes. Durable, polycarbonate diopters are individually available in half-step increments from -1.5 to -6.0, ensuring you'll have perfectly customized visibility without having to purchase multiple pairs of goggles to match your vision needs. Also, an updated easy-adjust buckle makes fitting easier than ever! Aqua Sphere Eagle Optics give you the confidence of clear, enhanced vision while swimming. Quick and Easy 4-step "pop-and-swap" diopter-lens replacement process. Additionally, Eagle Optics Corrective Lenses are fog and scratch resistant. The Lenses are interchangeable, so you do not need to specify Left or Right.

Finding Your Diopter Strength

Although similar to your glasses prescription, swim goggle diopter lenses require a quick calculation to ensure that the proper strength is selected and post-swim headaches are avoided. Looking at your prescription, you'll want to locate the sphere and cylinder for each eye. Use the following formula to find the right diopter lens for you:

(1/2)(Cylinder) + Sphere = Diopter

Example: If your left eye (OS) has a sphere of -4.5 and a cylinder of +.25, your diopter strength would be as follows:

(1/2)(.25) + (-4.5) = -4.375

Remember: Water will refract light and correct vision a bit without any prescriptive power applied. With that in mind, if your calculation does not end with a .5, select a diopter strength that is one step lower than the outcome of your calculation. In the example above, with calculation of -4.375 you should order a -4.0, not -4.5 diopter strength. If you need help, please give us a call or open a chat session for guidance.

Product Reviews

This item is rated 5 out of 5 stars based on 5 reviews. Already own one? Write a Review!
Aqua Sphere Eagle Optics
Written by on October 10th

An excellent way to have reasonably priced goggles with corrective lenses. Swimming is more fun (and safe) when you can see what is going on around you....especially when with friends.

Excellent googles, corrective lenses work great
Written by on November 8th

Aqua Sphere Eagle googles are the best I've used. Corrective lenses are easy to switch out, and the goggles are waterproof and very easy to adjust.

Love the goggles
Written by on December 20th

I have tried other brands and these particular googles have worked really well as well as stand the test of time. After 5 years, it is time to change them out and I did. I shouldn't have waited but I love the fresh pair.

Prescription lens
Written by on April 30th

I LOVE Eagle Aqua sphere goggles with prescription lens. All I have used for last 10 years. No leak. Great vision. Do not ever quit making this product.

I can see
Written by on May 18th

I am beyond thrilled to wear this lense in my goggl s. I can see!!!!

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