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All Star Sales Aqua Earband

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Aqua Earband

Distributed in the United States solely by AquaGear, the Aqua Earband is the perfect solution to non-invasive ear protection for aquatic activities from swimming to showering.

Water Resistant Ear Protection

The Aqua Earband is made of thick, high-quality neoprene rubber - the same material wetsuits are made from. This allows for the swimming ear band to conform to the shape of your head and ears, creating a seal that offers watertight ear protection. The Aqua Earband is durable and meant to handle all aquatic conditions from swimming and water-skiing to showering and bathing.

Designed and Recommended by Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctors

Because it is non-invasive, the Aqua Earband is recommended by ear, nose and throat doctors, audiologists, swim coaches and pharmacists as a comfortable alternative to ear plugs for protection against ear infections or for ear tube surgery maladies. Use the Aqua Earband after a myringotomy (tube insertion) to help keep you or your child's ears safe and dry.

The Aqua Earband can be used alone, or in addition to conventional ear plugs for guaranteed impenetrable protection from any water source; worn over earplugs, the Aqua Earband keeps water out and earplugs firmly in. Ask your doctor for a recommendation as to how much protection you need.

Neoprene is also a great insulator, so the Aqua Earband doubles for ear protection from the cold of winter, keeping your ears warm when skiing, tobogganing or ice skating.

An adjustable velcro fastener makes for easy, secure closure and maximum comfort when fitting your Aqua Earband for a swim.

Fully-Reversible Color Options

Each Aqua Earband is fully reversible, offering two unique colors in one ear band. Colors include dark blue/green, tangerine/navy, pink splash/dark blue, red/dark blue, beach print/royal, camouflage print/black, grape/purple, pink/navy, sky blue/black, sky blue/red, and black/black reversible combos.

The Aqua Earband is available in four sizes approximated according to age (and remember these are neoprene swimming ear bands that stretch). The earband measurements are from end to end (in inches):

Aqua Earband Sizing

SIZEHead Circumference
Infant (0-3 Years)17 - 19.5 inches
Child (4-10 Years)19.5 - 21.5 inches
Adult (10+ Years)21.5 - 23.5 inches
Adult XL (10+ Years)23.5 - 25.5 inches

The Aqua Earband is not impervious to the forces of pressure, and therefore is not recommended for diving.

The Aqua Earband is made in Canada.

You might also like Mack's Dry-N-Clear, a solution that helps dissipate water lodged in the ear canal. Or for an alternative traditional earplug, consider Mack's Kid's Earplugs that are a soft moldable silicone earplug doctor recommended to seal out water. Doc's Pro Plugs help control swimmer's ear without irritating the ear canal; proper use of the proplugs prevents the flushing out of natural earwax, which keeps the ear moisturized and protected.

If you like the Aqua Earband, you might also like the Aqua Sphere Aqua Glide Swim Cap; a swimcap specially designed for added comfort featuring ergonomic ear pockets to prevent slipping and overpressure to the ears.Make sure you're wearing your swim cap over the earband, to prevent gapping.

The AquaGear Opinion

The Aqua Earband is different from traditional earplugs in many ways, but the most noteworthy: you can hear normally when the swimming ear band is in place! The band is easy to put on and adjust, and the snug, elastic neoprene always ensures a comfortable fit. And the Aqua Earband's versatile material allows it to double as an ear-warmer.

The Bottom Line

Consider an Aqua Earband if you can't stand the pressure or feeling of traditional earplugs. This swimming ear band is the only comfortable way to protect your ears from water, and it's only available here at AquaGear.com!

Product Reviews

This item is rated 5 out of 5 stars based on 36 reviews. Already own one? Write a Review!
Written by on April 10th

The flaps don't remain covered over the lower part of my ears and water will seep in. Maybe if design was modified if would work better..

All Star Sales Aqua Earband
Written by on April 16th

My purpose for getting this was to seal my ear buds from water to listen to my mp3 player. Unfortunately, it allows water into my ears from the top - pressure from the swimming forward in the crawl. It is a good product, but is not quite perfect for my purpose.

Only average
Written by on June 11th

My granddaughter used a smaller version when she had tubes in her ears and now needed a larger size. This one does not do as good a job as our first one keeping water out so she doesn't like to wear it, which for a preschooler is half the battle. Disappointed.

Does a good job
Written by on December 31st

I have trouble with water in my ears which is the reason I bought it. It certainly cuts down on the water but does not eliminate it. I still like the product.

earband review
Written by on March 30th

this product works ok.

Missing X-LARGE size
Written by on November 13th

The large size is not large enough for a large male head and, sadly, the X-LARGE size never seems to be in stock. Some specialized treatment of the band edges would be a great improvement as the present simple cut edge unravels and renders the band unusable after only a few months.

Great for tubes in ears
Written by on March 19th

I was so happy to finally find a product that helps protect my daughters ears during swimming since she has tubes. Ear plugs never stayed in and were hard to use with a 1 year old, so finding something quick and easy to use means more time in the water this summer!

Helped some
Written by on June 30th

I wore this without earplugs and still did get some water in ears but not as much. I will use with earplugs next time. Keeps your head warmer which is nice I cold water. I wear a scuba mask and snorkel to do my laps and helps keep the mask from pulling my hair. All in all I like it pretty much. Gave it a 4 because it is not totally waterproofing for ears on its own.

Seems to work well, with one drawback
Written by on June 29th

I used this earband along with Mack's Silicone earplugs, and got through most of my laps before I could feel a little water in my ears. I expect even better results once I'm more experienced at molding the earplugs to my ears. BUT…the earband made my lovely, effective bubble swim cap unbearably tight. I may try the earband with a looser (maybe latex) cap and see how that works, but I simply can't wear it with the bubble cap—it was too painful!

Aqua Ear Bands
Written by on November 30th

I've purchased and used the aqua earband during my aqua aerobics class that I've taking for about a year. I purchased 3. They are absolutely great for keeping water out of your ears. And, as an added bonus they are terrific head and ear warmer's during the cold weather season. they stand to the pressure of rigorous use and the are stylish. You need to be careful with sizing. My first band I ordered the adult size, but it wasn't a good fit. So, I ordered kid size for the next bands and they fit perfectly.

Aqua Earband
Written by on May 30th

The Aqua earband keeps my son's ears dry and keeps him from getting repeat ear infections in the summer.

aqua ear band
Written by on October 27th

should help keep water out of ear when used with ear plugs

Written by on December 18th

It fit just perfect. It is just what I wanted. Thank-you!

Great Customer Service
Written by on January 2nd

Only place on the web that I could find an XL Earband. Great customer service! I was thanked many times on the phone for my order and called by my first name. Product was shipped out the same day with another handwritten thank you not on the inside!!! Wow!

Aqua Earband
Written by on January 18th

I have not used this one yet although it fits well and tighter than I thought it would. I appreciate your quick processing of this and the swim cap i purchased. Your website is professional and easy to use. Thanks!

Works great
Written by on March 27th

Works great !! Comfortable

Comfortable and easy to use
Written by on April 4th

I needed coverage of my ears and this is an easy and comfortable way to get that coverage without using earplugs. Fits under my bathing cap too!

Swimming is better with AquaEar Bands
Written by on April 7th

It is always efficient with on-line ordering from Aquagear. Easy to order and fast delivery.

Works well
Written by on May 28th

Keeps the wax ear plugs in place. I recommend it.

Aqua Earband
Written by on June 11th

Very functional with good comfort and easy to carry.

Great product
Written by on August 28th

My daughter uses it with her ear plugs to help keep them in place and is really happy with how well it helps her. She is very sensitive to getting water in her ears and ear plugs alone aren't effective. She won't go swimming without it now!

great for pool
Written by on January 30th

stays on well, and my son doesn't mind it

Very nice
Written by on March 11th

Very nice quality and arrived quick!

Written by on April 8th

These are great- first and most important they keep the water out of my ears - they also are deep colors nice quality- and they are comfy

Written by on May 6th

Great product! Very quick delivery.

All Star Sales Aqua Earband
Written by on August 6th

Works great with the ear plugs to keep water out of my grandson's ears after his surgery!!

Great ear cover
Written by on August 25th

I have a perforated ear drum & am prone to ear infections, so I use layering to help keep water out of my ear. First an ear plug, then this ear band, then a bathing cap. I've successfully prevented ear infections that plagued me prior to using this system. I love this product! It also helps keep my hair dryer than it would be with just a bathing cap.

aqua earband
Written by on October 1st

i had a great experience shopping from you

aqua earband
Written by on November 20th

i absolutely love this earband - i hate getting water in my ears and at the wall i was always pulling my swim cap down again and again and have ripped quite a few by doing so my ears are warm, dry and no more stopping at the wall anymore - cannot wait to try it out in the lakes soon, im sure it will be a blessing there too

Definite Must Have
Written by on February 17th

My child is 10 years old and has had multiple sets of ear tubes. We avoided swimming pools for years. After sharing my frustration of avoiding water with the doctor, he suggested that we try an earband. Life changing! This is a repeat order for us.

Added security
Written by on September 16th

With tubes recently inserted, thought my swimming days were over for quite a while but with Doc’s plugs and this added security all is well! Works great!

Written by on January 5th

My ears needed to be safe and the Earband has done just that - no more ear problems - BEST WAY TO STAY DRY !

aqua earbands
Written by on February 4th

Thanks- I looked everywhere for something that my grandson could wear. He has microtia and aural atresia. Ear plugs are not an option for him. Would love it if you could make one in an superhero pattern!!

Awesome Band and Very Durable
Written by on June 22nd

My sons used these last summer and they are still like new and using them again this summer. They wanted different colors so I purchased two more (orange and turquoise). I always rinse the headbands off with water to never leave chlorinated or salt water. I had a different brand and the bands stretched out and Velcro went bad. You will be very happy with the Aquagear band.

Good product
Written by on July 15th

Works great for my son who has ear issues. He even wears it in the bath sometimes!

Great item
Written by on July 20th

This earband is perfect for my grandson with ear tubes who has become an underwater swimmer. I love that it is reversible and the colors are great.

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