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All Star Sales Crepe Bubble Swim Cap with Strap

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Bubble Swim Cap With Strap

Comfortable Fit

The soft and comfortable All Star Bubble Cap with Strap does an excellent job of forming and adjusting to fit the head comfortably. The cap's bubbles are what allow it to stretch and contour the scalp. And its no-snag design makes it ideal for swimmers with sensitive heads or long hair. Not only does the strap design help keep the cap in place, but it also helps to lock out water from entering the cap. The All Star Bubble Cap is similar in design to other crepe caps available. The Water Gear Crepe Bubble Cap is most similar to the All Star and features the unique bubble design with adjustable strap. The Speedo Silicone Bubble Cap does not feature a chinstrap, but is covered with sleek, pliable and durable silicone bubbles.

Three-Piece Construction

The All Star Bubble Cap features a unique three-piece construction, which allows it to be simultaneously durable and responsive. The cap consists of the creped, head-covering material, strong strap fasteners, and an adjustable chinstrap. The straps are actually grommeted to the headpiece and anchored to ensure secure placement. The cap also features 3 ridges within the structure of the cap. These, along with the ear-covering chinstrap, help to seal out water. And while no swim cap is designed to fully keep water out, the All Star Bubble Cap comes the closest to providing a dry-ear, dry-hair swim. Swimmers with chronic ear problems, such as swimmer's ear, might want to pair the bubble cap with the All Star Aqua Earbands. These soft, neoprene ear covers help seal out water and prevent reoccurring ear infections. And when you're finished swimming, keep all of your equipment safe and dry by storing it in the 1Line Sports Nylon Drawstring Backpack.


Unlike other one-size-fits-all caps, the All Star comes in three sizes in order to fit your head perfectly. Large is recommended for people with larger heads and those swimmers with thick or long hair to hold back. Medium will most likely fit the majority of people. Because of the adjustable strap, this middle size can fit and form to most normal head shapes. The All Star Bubble Cap also comes in a small size, which is best suited for petite women and children ages 6 and up. The cap is available in a wide range of colors, including coral, teal, royal blue, white and black, which allow swimmers to mix and match with their existing swim gear.

For best results, measure with a flexible measuring tape. Measure the circumference of your head just above the ears.

Small 20 ½ to 21 5/8 inches

Medium 22 to 22 3/8 inches

Large 22 ¾ to 23 1/8 inches

The AquaGear Opinion

With this unique and fun cap on hand, AquaGear testers were excited to jump in the pool and try out the device. Out of all the caps available, this one is definitely the best at keeping water out of hair. And while no cap is designed to be 100% waterproof, the All Star Bubble Cap comes very close. Because of its pliable, 3-piece construction, the cap is easy to put on. AquaGear testers did warn to be careful when adjusting the chinstrap and make sure to firmly grip the tab when pulling the cap into place. Besides getting high remarks for keeping water out, its snag-free fit made it one of the most comfortable swim caps around.

The Bottom Line

The All Star Bubble Cap with Strap's secure and comfortable fit is perfect for any level swimmer looking for a way to keep water out of their hair and ears while in the pool.

Product Reviews

This item is rated 5 out of 5 stars based on 8 reviews. Already own one? Write a Review!
swim cap
Written by on November 24th

Cap is well made but does not keep out water 100% . I may have gotten it too large - goggles overlap the sides of the cap if I put them on last. But putting them on before the cap resolves the problem

Best so far-because of the strap
Written by on December 11th

This is the 3rd swim cap I've tried since I started lap swimming & the best. Water does get in so most of my hair does get wet but because it has a strap it stays in place better than the strapless ones and does seem to protect my ears from getting too much water in them. I also have no trouble wearing my goggles over the cap.

Extremely comfortable and functional cap
Written by on May 21st

I love the shape and fit of this swim cap. It seals well around the edges without feeling tight on my head. I could not find any other cap to fit my larger than average head, until I ordered this one in size large. The only reason I didn't give it five stars is because of the strap. The strap is made of a flexible material that feels soft under your chin, but it's extremely fragile. It actually broke on the second time I wore it. Also, the mechanism used to tighten it doesn't really work , which is what caused it to break. If they would make it out of something a bit thicker/ sturdier, that would be a great improvement.

Please modernize snap
Written by on August 10th

This cap fits relatively well, since I have a small head size. Like every other cap I have tried, the snap on the strap is impossible to open when the cap is on my head, and requires strong fingernails to open when off my head (to avoid tearing the rubber). I have cut the strap and installed side release buckles which work well but are not very attractive. Surely it is possible to find a better snap for the strap.

Swim Cap Purchase
Written by on October 9th

The sales representative was very helpful and made sure the cap arrived on time. Thank you for the amazing experience!

Excell Customer Service
Written by on October 16th

We were delighted with the special order for the bubble cap without strap. Aquagear/AllStar is family owned and goes one step beyond to satisfy.

Written by on June 17th

This is a dependable swim cap for my daughters and me. I love this swim cap!

Too bad So sad
Written by on September 23rd

Strap broke on first use as there is no warning that the connections are cheap plastic. Still a good looking cap tho.

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