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All Pro Aquatic Ankle Weights (5lbs per pair)

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Aquatic Ankle Weights

The All Pro Aquatic Ankle Weights give users a fully customizable workout to better develop strength, endurance, and toned muscles throughout the lower body.

Progressive Weight Training

Unlike other, static ankles weights, the All Pro Aquatic Ankle Weights allow users to add and subtract weights as needed. The set comes loaded with 5 pounds of weights (2.5 lbs/leg) and is adjustable in 5 ounce increments. Being able to adjust the Aquatic Ankle Weights to your body's exact needs results in a fully customizable, lower body workout. For a full body workout, pair the ankle weights with another of All Pro's progressive training devices; the All Pro Adjustable Aquatic Wrist Weights. These upper body weights fit comfortably around the wrists and allow you to add essential load bearing exercises to your training routine. And challenge your midsection with the All Pro Power Strider Exercise Belt. This device also allows for its weights to be added and removed as required to develop long, lean muscles in the core and legs.

Allows Full Range of Motion

All Pro Ankle Weights were designed to keep the weight away from the ankles. This exclusive design won't hinder range of motion and allows for full freedom of movement. The weights are fitted with a neoprene outer cover for minimal water retention. This helps keep the All Pro devices at a standard weight without getting overly heavy from water logging. In order to help you get the most out of your ankle weights, All Pro has provided a comprehensive instruction sheet in the weights' packaging. Though not as adjustable as the All Pro Ankle Weights, there other types of water weights that exercisers might also enjoy. The Water Gear Aquatic Wrist Weights and Ankle Weights come in a few different non-adjustable weight levels and can help add resistance training to your entire body.

Comfortable, Smooth Fit

While the All Pro Ankle Weights challenge lower body muscle groups, they remain soft and comfortable on the delicate ankle area. The sides of the weight conform to the contours of the ankle, while the stress-free heel strap helps protect the potentially vulnerable Achilles tendon. The placement of the weights also ensures that they stay firmly in place during any type of rigorous, water-based exercise. Not only do the cushioned flaps protect the ankle area, but they also help keep the weights secure. The weights are equipped with a slip proof buckle and touch fastener closure for an easy, always-reliable fit. To keep your weights looking and feeling great for as long as possible, be sure to rinse them after each and every use. Never wash them in a washing machine and be sure to air dry the All Pro weights after rinsing.

The AquaGear Opinion

The AquaGear testers loved that these ankle weights were completely adjustable to each users needs. Unlike other progressive weights that use tiny pellets, the solidly built weighted inserts won't have you worrying about anything breaking or spilling onto the deck. Testers commented on the weight's solid construction and how the replaceable pouch means that these weights can really withstand the test of time. AquaGear swimmers thought that the aquatic ankle weights could be made light enough to use while swimming laps and then amped up to challenge any aqua aerobics routine.

The Bottom Line

For a truly customizable lower body workout, pick up a pair of All Pro Aquatic Ankle Weights.

Rated 5/5 based on 1 customer reviews.

Product Reviews

This item is rated 4 out of 5 stars based on 3 reviews. Already own one? Write a Review!
quality of the Aquatic ankle weights has changed
Written by on August 4th

I am an Deep Water Aquatic instructor. Over the years I have recommended and students have purchased over 100 pair of the All- Pro ankle weights, because of quality and comfort. That has changed. The ankle weights in the past were of good quality and have lasted up to 5 years. Now you will find the Velcro used to fasten the weights together is of such poor quality it breaks after a few hours in the water. I can not recommend these ankle weight until the manufacturer improves the quality of the Velcro used to fasten the ankle weights.

AquaGear Response: We forwarded this review to All Pro so they would be aware of this issue. Here is the response they sent to us:

"All Pro prides itself on providing premium quality products. As far as we know, the velcro has not changed. The only thing that has changed is that we have improved the quality of the neoprene. This appears to be an isolated instance, or perhaps there might have been a single roll of velcro that had an issue that was not detected during the manufacturing process. We are working closely with our manufacturing site to make sure the velcro is premium quality so the product continues to last for a long time, like it always has. Any customer that has an issue like this with a new product should contact All Pro at Support@AllProWeights.com and we will do what we can to help.

I think this person already contacted us directly over a month ago, and we sent a couple of replacement shells (without the weights) to replace the damaged units. "

iffy at best
Written by on November 9th

While these weights worked ok in the beginning, I have had them less than 6 months and used them almost daily, the neoprene is tearing and the Velcro will not hold the weights around my ankles--it doesn't stick. I am very disappointed in the longevity of these weights.

Aquatic Ankle Weights
Written by on January 22nd

I love these ankle weights. I ordered a pair about ten years ago, following physical therapy. I use them for my 30-45 min. exercise routine in the pool. I also do lap swimming in my workout. I suffer with low back conditions and the weights act like traction. They also give me a weight bearing activity. They have held up great! Last year the fabric finally started to stretch and get holes. But for ten years of 2-3 x a week in the pool, I 'd say that is outstanding! I never took the individual weights out. The Velcro straps held up well too.

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