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All Pro Aquatic Wrist Weight

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Aquatic Wrist Weights

Progressive Resistance

The All Pro Aquatic Wrist Weights give users a chance to adjust their level of resistance to customize their workout. Unlike other, one-weight-fits-all wrist weights, All Pro has specifically designed their weights to be removable in order to increase or decrease the level of resistance, as desired. Each wristband comes with 2lbs (4lbs total for the pair) and their removable metal 'bullets' allow users to customize the All Pro's weight in increments of 4 oz. They help aquatic exercisers develop strength, increase cardio endurance and overall muscle tone. If you're looking to turn your water-based upper body exercise into a full body workout, All Pro has you covered with their Aquatic Ankle Weights. Just like the wrist weights, the ankle weights are fully adjustable in 5 oz. increments and can add up to 2.5 lbs of resistance per foot. Or, customize your workout to incorporate both dry land and water exercises with the All Pro Weight-A-Band. This system features stretch bands with 1lb weighted handles. They are great for toning and stretching the body on land or in the water.

Unique Design

While some dry land weights might be ok to use in the water, the were specifically designed for strength training in the water. The weights feature a waterproof neoprene outer layer that's comfortable to wear and resistant to water logging. They come with a stress free insert panel to give the delicate skin around the wrist a bit more cushion and comfort. The wrist weights are strapped to the arm with a slip proof buckle and feature a heavy-duty Velcro closure for easy on and off. And the removable metal weights, or 'bullets', are extremely easy to add or remove and are securely locked into place within the padded wristband.

Perfect for Aqua Aerobics

Because the All Pro Aquatic Wrist Weights are so easy to customize, users are able to build up to maximum weight at their own pace. They help add essential weight bearing reps to standard water-based routines. This kind of exercise helps aqua aerobics enthusiasts develop bone density and muscular strength. Even beginners are able to get the hang of these weights thanks to their simple design and instruction sheet, which is included with the set. And if you happen to be more of a lap swimmer than an aqua aerobic exerciser, then there is a set of wrist weights especially for you. More suitable for adding weight during swimming reps, the Water Gear Wrist Weights come in 3 sizes and are available in non-adjustable weights.

The AquaGear Opinion

The AquaGear testers were ready to slip on the All Pro Aquatic Wrist Weights and get to work. Overall, these wrist weights got great marks for being very, very high quality. Unlike other weights, the All Pros are solidly designed and won't 'spill' into your pool, even with harsh handling. Testers recommend that users rinse the weights with fresh water after each and every use. In fact, a specialized cleansing formula, such as Activewear Mate, can help eliminate chemical residues and odors that might linger on the weight's neoprene jacket.

The Bottom Line

All Pro Aquatic Wrist Weights can help you add essential weight bearing exercise to your water based routine. Pick up a pair today and see how these quality-made training devices can help you achieve your fitness goals!

Product Reviews

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Awesome Product
Written by on December 18th

I used these ankle weights in the pool this summer. They are so comfortable and helped me become fit and lose weight. I highly recommend them.

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