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About Ai Chi

What is Ai Chi?

Ai Chi is a unique water aerobics and therapy program that draws inspiration from the dry land sport of Tai Chi. Developed by Jun Konno in 1990, the program takes participants through a series of progressions. Ai Chi's wide, purposeful movements and deep breathing techniques help users achieve total body strengthening and ultimate mental relaxation. It's a unique and effective way to integrate aspects of the mental, physical and spiritual energies into one single workout. Ai Chi participants have seen physical and psychological benefits such as increased oxygen levels, higher metabolic rates, and increased flexibility and overall range of motion. Because the program is so flexible and adaptable, it can easily be performed at any age or skill level.


Ai Chi DVDs by Ruth Sova are a great way for beginners to learn the fine art of the sport. They guide novice participants through the program's series of progressions and movements. While more advanced DVDs, like Ai Chi II and Ai Chi III, can help experienced Ai Chi-ers and therapists develop their skill and depth of knowledge. Or, pick up an Ai Chi Ne DVD for fun with a partner.

Books and Laminates

For participants that prefer to browse through material at their own pace, AquaGear also offers a few books based on the practices of Ai Chi. These can be useful when studying up on the sport outside of the pool. And for quick references pool-side, a waterproof laminate is the perfect workout partner. These laminates, like the Ruth Sova Ai Chi Trifold, are useful to both instructors and participants who still need a bit of guidance during their series.


Putting Ai Chi to music helps participants really feel and understand the flow of the water. That's why soft, lyricless music can be so helpful to those learning Ai Chi. The Ai Chi Synchrony CD can help you relax and give you a chance to really focus on the movements in the water. And the Visual Journey CD includes verbal cues over music to keep you on track.

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