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AquaGear Coupons

AquaGear has an advanced coupon processing system built into our shopping cart. The system will automatically apply the coupon codes you enter in the most favorable way possible according to the rules outlined on this page. There are three types of coupons: Item, Subtotal, and Shipping.

Item Level Coupons

Item level coupons apply to one or more individual items in your cart. A single item coupon can affect more than one item, for example, a coupon good for $2 off of up to 2 pairs of goggles could apply to two different pairs of goggles. A given item, however, may only have one item coupon applied to it. Theoretically, you can apply as many item level coupons as there are items in your cart, and the system will determine which items to apply which coupons to to save you the most money.

In some cases, you might actually save more money by NOT apply a coupon. If that’s the case, the system will automatically detect this and notify you that a coupon was not applied. Consider for example an order for one pair of polarized goggles that costs $60 per pair, and a swim cap at $11. You apply a “20% of any item” coupon and a “$2 off any par of goggles” coupon. In this case, the system will apply the 20% off coupon to the goggles (saving you $12) and refuse to use the $2 coupon, because the goggle s already have a coupon applied and the $2 coupon can only be used on goggles. That’s because applying the $2 to the goggles and 20% off to the cap would only save you $4.20 total! So if you get a yellow notice saying “no eligible items available” or “a more favorable coupon was used instead”, don’t worry. The system just saved you money by not applying an unfavorable coupon based on all the items you ordered.

Subtotal Coupons

Subtotal coupons apply to the order’s item subtotal. The subtotal is determined by adding up the price of all items in your cart and then deducting the savings from any item level coupons that have been applied. This subtotal does not include shipping or tax. You may apply one subtotal coupon per order. If you supply more than one, the system will determine the most favorable of them and use that one. Unused coupons do not get uses deducted from them.

Shipping Coupons

Shipping coupons apply to the shipping price on the order. Some shipping coupons apply only to certain methods. For example, a FREE UPS Ground coupon will not work unless UPS ground is selected. Some shipping coupons require a certain Subtotal to be reached. This is the same subtotal that is used for Subtotal cupon calulations, but is checked after the subtotal coupon is applied. For example, if your item subtotal is $110, and you apply a $20 off subtotal coupon, you couldn’t use a shipping coupon that requires a $100 subtotal because your post-coupon subtotal would be $90.

Got any coupons for me?

Yes! Sign-up for our e-list to get coupons sent to you at the start of each month (or every week if you choose that option).

Coupon Exclusions

Unless otherwise noted on the coupon, the following items are always excluded from general purpose coupons: products by Hydro-Tone, Kiefer, and Zulu Fitness Systems, Hydro-Fit Wet Vest Collars, and weights.

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