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Water Gear Resistance Bells

Water Gear Resistance Bells
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Water Gear Resistance Bells

Designed to increase and support upper body exercises while in the water, the Water Gear Resistance Bells are one of the easiest ways to add load-bearing training to your aqua aerobics routines.

Multi-Functional Training Gear

The unique material of the Water Gear dumbbells is exactly what makes them excellent weight training devices while in the water. The resisting ‘weight’ of the bells against the buoyancy of the water creates drag and engages muscles throughout the arms, chest, abdominals, and back. Shaped like traditional dry-land dumbbells, these Water Gear Resistance Bells add more buoyancy than other similar upper body training devices, such as the brand’s Aquaflex Paddles.

But while hand buoys are great for upper body exercises, the Water Gear Resistance Bells can perform well beyond basic strength training. Their foamy construction makes these hand buoys perfect for added buoyancy during deep-water workouts. Place the Resistance Bells underneath your armpits or knees to assist exercises performed in water that’s well above your head. They are the perfect addition to any level of water-based exercises and perform well in conjunction with other training items. Use a bag specifically designed with pool gear in mind, such as the Water Gear Swimmer’s Backpack, to keep all your water gear dry and neatly organized for your next workout.

Solid Construction

The Water Gear Resistance Bells were specifically designed to perform underwater. The closed-cell EVA foam is both durable and buoyant. The foam is specially treated so that it is resistant to chips, tears and waterlogging. In addition to the performance features, the water dumbbells’ material is non-abrasive to skin and fabrics. The Resistance Bells also feature soft, comfortable gel-like grips. This helps reduce the white knuckle effect often associated with hand buoys. While your arm muscles are hard at work keeping the buoyant dumbbells submerged, your hands will stay loose and comfortable throughout the entire workout - which is perfect for those with weak grip, joint problems, and arthritis.

Varying Resistance Levels

Because not every water workout is designed to produce the same results, it’s important to have a varying degree of resistance available. This allows swimmers and exercisers of all levels to take part in water aerobics and strength training. Luckily, Water Gear has a few different options to pick from. Remember, the hand buoys are sold in pairs.

Specifications - All Measurements are in INCHES

40% - Mini 2 6 5 9 Single Aqua Disc on each end
50% - Soft 2.625 5.875 3.75 9 Singe Aqua Disc on one end, Single Yellow Disc on opposite end
60% - Medium 3 6 5.625 11.75 Two Yellow Discs on each end
80% - Max 3.75 6.25 4.5 12 Two Blue Discs on each end
99% - Ultra 5.25 6.24 4.375 15.625 One Yellow and One Blue Disc on each end
120% - Elite 5 7 4.25 14.625 One Blue and One Aqua disc on each end

The AquaGear Opinion

The AquaGear test pool got to work on their water aerobics exercises with these bells. Testers noted that the EVA foam was of very high quality, which makes these training devices last longer when cared for properly. The testers loved the gel-like feel of the grips and commented on how comfortable they were to hold while in the water. Bear in mind that these bells are extremely buoyant, especially at the higher resistance levels. Don't push yourself farther than is comfortable.

Comparing them to other, similar devices, the experts in the AquaGear pool developed a guideline to tell what resistance your water workouts required. If you have ever used the Hydro-Fit Regular hand buoys, made from premium, non-waterlogging ECO foam, they would be very similar in resistance to the 50% resistance bells (see resistance chart above for further reference). And if you rely on the Hydro-Fit Jumbo hand buoys, the Water Gear 80% resistance bells would be a perfect match for your water workout routines.

The Bottom Line

For a lightweight device that packs a heavy punch, pick up a pair of Water Gear Resistance Bells to help you achieve all of your aqua aerobics goals.

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