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Summer Solutions Swimmer's Soap

Summer Solutions Swimmer's Soap
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Summer Solutions Soap

Use the Summer Solutions Swimmerís Soap after each and every pool session to help neutralize the effects of pool chemicals.

Neutralizes Chlorine

Most commercial swimming pools are treated with chlorine. While the chemical helps clean and disinfect the water, it can also cause a great deal of irritation. Avoiding pools with chlorine in them is virtually impossible for swimmers. But, there is a small measure you can take to neutralize chlorine as soon as you get out of the water. Swimmerís Soap+ís unique and gentle formula helps to wash off the chemical residue, along with its odor, when used immediately after swimming. Not only will the bar soap help wash away the chlorine, but it will also help moisturize dry, itchy and flaky skin. The Swimmerís Soap+ uses the same principles behind a few of Summer Solutionsí other products. The brandís Suit Solutions helps neutralize chlorine odor and residue in swimwear, while its Swimmerís Shampoo protects natural and color-treated locks from the damaging effects of the chemical.

All Natural, Gentle Formula

The ingredients in Swimmerís Soap+ are 100% natural and derived from vegetable and soy products. The soap is not tested on animals and contains no animal products or synthetic detergents. No harsh perfumes have been added and the formula is gentle on sensitive and irritated skin. Itís gentle enough for childrenís skin, yet strong enough to remove heavy chlorine buildup.

Soothes Dry, Irritated Skin

Summer Solutions Swimmerís Soap+ís rich and creamy lather soothes tight and itchy skin on contact. Itís gentle on the most sensitive of skin, yet effective enough to neutralize chlorine and its easily recognizable odor. The beneficial ingredients are so effective that you might even find yourself reaching for the bar of soap in between swims as well. To further protect yourself from the irritating effects of chlorine, use a skin protector before you even enter the water. Try out the Reflect H2O Pre-Swim and Sun Protecting Gel. This specially formulated waterproof gel can be applied to the skin or hair before swimming in a pool, lake, ocean or wherever you need protection from the water and sun. It helps seal in moisture and block chlorine, salt, sunlight and other harmful elements.

The AquaGear Opinion

Swimmers in the AquaGear test pool are always happy to try out a moisturizing post-swim soap. Testers immediately noticed that the Swimmerís Soap+ took away the discomfort of dry skin after a swim. Their skin felt less tight and more moisturized right away. While there are no fancy perfumes or additives to make this bar soapís smell stand out from the rest, itís all-natural formula really did a great job keeping skin soft and supple after a session in the pool.

The Bottom Line

Get rid of itchy, dry and tight skin after a day in the pool. Rinse off with the help of Summer Solutions Swimmerís Soap+ to revitalize your skinís health and moisture after each and every swim.


Saponified Olive, Coconut and Palm Oils; Distilled Water; Soymilk, Fragrance, Color, Chlorine Neutralizer.

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