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Speedo Biofuse Fins

Speedo Biofuse Fins
Colors may vary slightly from screen image.

Biofuse Fins

The Speedo Biofuse Swim Training Fins are short blade fins designed to help swimmers focus on perfecting stroke technique, while strengthening leg muscles and overall endurance. By increasing resistance without reducing tempo, these fins allow you to build power in your kicks.

Upper leg muscles - the primary focus of fin training - account for a very large portion of the body's musculature. As such, leg workouts release incredible amounts of naturally-occurring human growth hormones which, in turn, increase muscle mass throughout the body.

Short Blades Build Endurance

The Speedo Biofuse Swim Training Fin shape provides the ideal balance of resistance that allows you to maintain your arm stroke tempo while increasing propulsion, thus building raw strength and power in your legs and core. Drawing on the principle of lever length, these short-bladed fins promote short, fast kicks - meaning that more force must be applied to displace water and propel the swimmer forward. In saying this, the Speedo Biofuse Fins are ideal for training and building endurance in the legs.

Highly Durable Molded Silicone

Though the silicone on the fin itself is molded thick for optimum resistance, it is fused to a much softer, and surprisingly comfortable foot pocket. Although silicone is a very durable material, all fins should be actively protected from damage. The Speedo Pro Backpack will shield your fins from the elements and allow for easy transportation.

The Speedo Biofuse Swim Training Fin is available in seven different colors, which vary according to size.

SIZE Men-US Women-US European Size Fin Color
XXS Kids 1-3 34-35 UV Orange
XS 3-4 4.5-5.5 36-37 UV Yellow
SM 5-6 6.5-7.5 38-39 Green
MD 7-8 8.5-9.5 40-41 Blue
LG 8-9 9.5-10.5 42-43 Gray
XL 10-11 11.5-12.5 43-44 Black
XXL 12-13 13.5-14.5 46-47 Navy

Speedo Products may only be shipped to US addresses.

Traditionalists may prefer the Speedo Adult Kickboard for lower body training, but all swimmers stand to benefit from training their lower body in conjunction with the upper body. Build strength and power in your kick, and promote flexibility in your ankles when you train with the Speedo Biofuse Fins. Take your session to the next level by teaming these fins with the Speedo Hydrosity Hand Paddles for a total body workout.

You might also consider the Speedo Short Blade Training Fins or Engine Swim Fins, all of which offer short, stiff blades for strength training and endurance.

The AquaGear Opinion

The Speedo Biofuse Fins are highly effective. They are comfortable, and provide just enough added resistance to feel the extra workout without losing any arm-stroke capabilities. The silicone foot pockets are more rigid than a similar rubber foot pocket would be and will not wear in all that much. if you are susceptible to chafing, consider a pair of Finis Skin Socks to take the edge off.

The Bottom Line

Speedo's Biofuse Fins are great for competition and exercise swimmers alike. The shortness and rigidity of the blade provide ample resistance and promote proper kicking tempo. Pick up a pair of Biofuse Training Fins today and leave the competition in your wake!

Our Review

AquaGear recently tested the Speedo Biofuse Swim Training Fin. The Speedo Biofuse Training Fin is a small, nimble fin with a foot pocket design.

Fin Sizing

Though I wear a 9 1/2 shoe I have a high arch. I found the 10-11 size to be quite snug and I felt that I was at the limit of what I could do with that size. What am I saying? You may want to go up a size on these particularly if you have a wide foot or high arch. There is a small tab built into the arch that is useful for pulling the foot into the fin.

Fin Feel

Once on, they stayed on quite well though the heel felt a little low in the back. The heel didn't move around on me, which is a problem I have experienced with some fins. Fins on, I slid into the AquaGear test pool.

Training Fin Thrust

This fin has a small profile and short blade which means it is not going to provide a huge amount of thrust but I don't look for that in a training fin. I look for a moderate amount of thrust which the Speedo swimming fins provided.

The Speedo Fin is Well Behaved

They were quite stable and tracked well. What do I mean by that? As I kicked I felt I was tracking in a straight line with no need to kick in any way other than my normal kicking pattern. They responded to change in pace rapidly, and felt like an extension of the leg. I have noticed that some swim training fins work well in a front crawl, but not so well on the back. The Speedo swim fins worked well kicking face up as well as face down.

Swim Fins and Breaststroke

However they didn't feel comfortable to me during a brief run of breast stroke. The resistance in extending the leg negates the gain from the inward snap. To be fair the only fin I have used that feels like it is doing more good than harm in a frog kick is the AquaSphere Alpha (Zura) training fin. (The Alpha fin is not straight across the blade but rather tapers from inside to out and is very lightweight.)

Speedo Fin Design

In a blue and grey color scheme they are good looking and appear well made of 100% Silicone (latex free) material.

Speedo Swimming Fin Benefits

Swimming fins can strengthen the leg, increase ankle flexibility by extending the flexing of the ankle and provide additional thrust when working on improving your arm stroke or your breathing timing. The Speedo swim fin provides good value for the recreational or competitive swimmer.
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