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DMC Swim Fins

DMC Swim Fins
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DMC Swimming Fins

DMC Swim Fins are uniquely designed to offer unparalleled comfort and durability in a swim training fin, and increase leg resistance while also encouraging proper kicking form. These are the perfect short blade training fin for indoor lap and workout swimming, as well as ocean swimming.

New Name; Same Award-Winning Design

Though the name and logo have changed, these are the same performance training swim fins formerly known as the Hydro Tech 2 Swim Fins. Designed in Australia, the DMC Swim fins won the Australian Design Award for their unique shape that makes them the ultimate choice for swim training.

Encourages Proper Technique

The DMC Swim Fins' meticulously perfected shape promotes proper alignment of the feet and body when kicking. And, because they are denser than water, these fins help keep the feet below the water surface, encouraging proper kicking technique once the fins are removed.

Using the DMC Fins during your swim training gives your legs neuro-muscular memory. This means they help promote proper kicking technique, giving the swimmer a more effective kick when swimming barefooted. You receive this benefit regardless of the armstroke you choose, and in addition to strengthening and toning your leg muscles.

The DMC Fin's short lever length results in a quicker kick, which creates increased resistance and adds greater cardio and strength elements to your workout.

High-Quality Silicone

Made from medical grade silicone, the DMC Swim Fins are super comfortable. The high quality silicone reduces the chance of abrasion that rubber swim fins notoriously cause. The edges of the foot cavity in the DMC fins are rounded to prevent chafing and provide additional comfort; these swim fins do not cause blisters.

The trick to the DMC Swim Fins is that the material keeps you comfortable and stays flexible while the shape promotes blade stiffness and aligns your kick. The angle of the blades on the DMC fin are designed relative to the foot in order to create the least possible resistance to the kick motion. V rails along the outer edges of the fins ensure the blades stiffness while also channeling water along the blade on both the upward and downward strokes.

Even though it offers maximum comfort and softness, the medical grade silicone material is also UV proof, and resistant to tearing and splitting making these the ideal fin for ocean swimmers, surfers, and body-boarders alike.

DMC Swim Fins are available in your choice of blue, black or green. These swim fins come in a variety of sizes, with fins tending to run large--if you are at the lower end of the size range, we recommend you order a size down to ensure proper fit:

Size Men Women EUR
Small 3.5 - 5 5 - 6.5 35 - 37
Medium 5.5 - 6.5 7 - 8 37.5 - 38.5
Medium-Large 7 - 8 8.5 - 9.5 39 - 41
Large 8.5 - 10.5 10 - 12 42 - 44
X-Large 11.5 - 14 13 - 15.5 45 - 48.5

DMC Swim Fins have a designated left and right fin for a more custom fit. The swim fins feature a one-size-fits-all integrated silicone heel strap.

A treaded underside protects your feet and keeps you from slipping whether walking on the ocean or pool bottom, pool deck, etc.

Finis Skin Socks are a great accessory for any swim fin - providing a thin layer of protection, warmth, absorbency and comfort.

If you like the DMC Swim Training Fin, you might also like the brand's full-foot pocket fin, the Original Training Fins. The Speedo Short Training Fins are another 100% silicone fin, short and powerful for increased resistance inducing greater leg power and performance. The Finis Zoomers Gold are a short blade training fin designed to promote shorter and faster kicks, which in turn build leg strength and muscular endurance.

The AquaGear Opinion

The DMC Swim training fins run large; the safe bet is to order down a size. The design of this fin really does simulate a natural, organic kick. This is one fin that does not feel awkward once you get it in the water. When sized right, the heel strap stays firmly in place. The silicone of the swim fin is not too rigid, but firm enough to create resistance and propulsion.

The Bottom Line

There aren't a lot of fins out there with as much research and development put into them as the DMC Swim Fins. These award winning fins build strength and refine technique, and they are available right here at!

Customer Reviews
This product has an average rating of 4.9 stars, based on 4 reviews. Do you have a DMC Swim Fins? Write a review and get a 10% coupon good on your next order!
DMC Tech 2 Swim Fins

These fins work well for body boarding and body surfing. Their short stature allows for easier movement in shallow water. The design of the toe hole flushes out sand and gravel that stays in fins that have a hole at the bottom of the foot. The stiff v-ridge on the edge of the fin keeps them stiff for strong kicking. The silicon material is very comfortable but causes their one problem. They don't float. Great fin. I have three pair. It is wise to buy the next 1/2 size smaller than regular shoe size.
major improvement over molded fin

I was using fins that were a single mold; say they fit 11-13. But after 2 months they were pinching the nail on the big toe, both sides, because they don't fit a wide like 11.5D. Just bought and tried the Tech 2 fins, and can report major improvement: 1) shoe/fin-size selected was 11-12, and it fits perfectly. 2) material is very pliable and not like rubber which has less give. 3) fins operate as well as the previous fins, although they have much less length. 4) I am using them for cardio/weight loss- doing 1750 meters, and am very pleased 5) I agree with AZ - these would be great for body surfing like I did in Hawaii; comfortable and could wear them all day
Great fins

I love these fins, and try to incorporate them into my workout every chance I get. No, they don't float, but I don't think that's really a bad thing--they tend to stay submerged as you use them without a lot of splash. I find them to be very comfortable. All the reviews I've seen say these run large. I have 9.5 EE feet--and based on the size chart I was at the borderline between medium and large. I was about to order the medium size, but customer service at AquaGear went above and beyond and helped me figure out that the large size was actually what I needed (saving me the time, trouble and expense of sending a pair back that would have otherwise been too tight).
Great Fins!

These silicone fins are amazing. I specifically chose silicone for its smooth texture, and because it does not float. These fins are perfect, exactly what I wanted! They are already improving my kicking, and they are fun and enjoyable to use in the water. The propulsion just adds to the fun. I am so pleased with my purchase!




This product has been discontinued and is no longer available. We do not know if this product will ever be available again. Please contact us for alternative product suggestions.

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