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Finis Z2 Swim Fins

Finis Z2 Swim Fins
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Finis Z2 Fins

The Finis Z2 Zoomers are a short blade swim training fin specially designed to optimize your cardio and strength conditioning leg workout.

Adds Resistance to your Workout

These short blade swim training fins engage the leg and core muscles for a more intense workout. The added resistance due to the larger surface of area of a fin compared to your foot helps increase leg strength. Still, the Finis Z2 Zoomers displace less water than longer blade swim fins, allowing for more cardio and strength training benefit.

A short blade promotes shorter and faster kicks, but with increased resistance. Greater effort exerted kick for kick along with a greater number of kicks means greater cardiovascular conditioning.

"Fluid Separator" Promotes Shorter, Faster Kicks

The raised ridge that runs lengthwise along the center of the top of the fin acts as a Fluid Separator. This Fluid Separator allows the foot to easily slice through water on the down kick. This greatly improves kick speed, and its how the Finis Z2 Zoomers work in the extra kicks that generate such an intense cardio workout.

On the other hand, the Flex Box on the underside of the fin catches water on the up kick, targeting and strengthening the hamstrings and glutes.

The Flex Box and Fluid Separator work together to create the ultimate cardio and strength conditioning leg workout, while the Hydro Channels that run along the sides of the Z2 Zoomers efficiently propel you forward more than any other Zoomers Swim Fin.

Guards Against Hyperflexion

The Finis Z2 Zoomers are made of 100% natural rubber which molds to the foot, providing a snug but comfortable bit. The closed heel design creates a soft and secure fit and inhibits hyperflexion.

The Finis Z2 Zoomers are available in youth and adult sizes.

Adult sizes are available in gold with black only, and child sizes are available in blue only. Adult sizes range alphabetically:

Size Kids Men Women EUR
K7.5 7.5 - 8.5 24 - 26
K9 9 - 10 25 - 27
K10.5 10.5 - 11.5 27 - 29
K12 12 - 13 29 - 32
A 1 - 2.5 2 - 3.5 32 - 34
B 2.5 - 4 3.5 - 5 34 - 35.5
C 4 - 5.5 5 - 6.5 35.5 - 37.5
D 5.5 - 7 6.5 - 8 37.5 - 39
E 7 - 8.5 8 - 9.5 39 - 42.5
F 8.5 - 10 9.5 - 11 41 - 43
G 10 - 11.5 11 - 12.5 43 - 45
H 11.5 - 13 12.5 - 14 45 - 47
I 13 - 15 14 - 16 47 - 49.5

For a total body workout, the Fulcrum Paddles work in conjunction with the Finis Z2 Zoomers to give you added upper body resistance by letting you push harder, safely.

Tote your Z2 Zoomers and other aquatic gear in the Speedo Mesh equipment bag, made of a mesh material that promotes air flow and lets your swim gear dry out naturally.

If you're interested in the Finis Z2 Zoomers Swim Fins, you might also like the original Finis Zoomers. With the same short blade design, only stiffer, the Zoomers creates optimal propulsion for swimmers of all levels both fitness and competitive. Also check out the Finis Zoomers Fit, a training fin that creates more resistance than traditional models to provide a more challenging cardiovascular workout.

The AquaGear Opinion

The Z2 Zoomer really feels like a natural extension of the foot. Though it tends to feel loose on flipturns, overall the Z2 Zoomers have a good fit. The rubber is very flexible; this is probably what makes it seem so natural.

The Bottom Line

There are a lot of short blade fins out there but the Z2 Zoomers offer the complete package. Finis packed this fin with design elements to promote a cardiovascular workout as well as build strength and endurance. Kick harder, kick faster with a pair of Z2 Zoomers from today!

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