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Finis Freestyle Swimmer's Snorkel

Finis Freestyle Swimmer's Snorkel
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Finis Freestyle Snorkel

Specifically Designed For Freestylers

The Finis Freestyle Snorkel's name says it all. This unique training device was designed with freestyle swimmers in mind. Used to improve head alignment and lung capacity, the swimmer's snorkel is able to keep up with any level workout. The Finis Freestyle Snorkel features a curved barrel that sits in the middle of the face. Unlike traditional snorkels that curve to the side, this swimmer's snorkel is able to fit close to the front of the face for a streamlined effect. The low profile barrel helps reduce resistance and the curved design uses centrifugal force to increase stability and decrease wobble during turns and strong finishes. Plus, the slight bend in the snorkel allows swimmers to work on all aspects of their stroke without having to worry about water entering the barrel. The Finis Freestyle Snorkel can be comfortably worn in conjunction with swim caps and goggles.

Perfects Body Alignment

Because of the Finis Freestyle Snorkel's design and placement on the head, the device helps all levels of swimmers achieve a lower head position while swimming. A lower head position forces the rest of the body into a more streamline, effective position for a more efficient swim. The snorkel's unique design is able to tweak head positioning without putting unnecessary strain on the back, neck, or shoulders. This means that freestylers can use the swimmer's snorkel for extended periods of time without discomfort. While not specifically made for the freestyle, there are other center mount snorkels available that can also help you fine-tune your stroke. The Finis Center Mount Snorkel and the Speedo Hydralign Center Snorkel allow swimmers to work on the smaller aspects of their stroke while training.

Increases Aerobic Capacity

In addition to working on head alignment, the Finis snorkel is also able to help increase a swimmer's overall cardio levels. Unlike traditional snorkels, the Freestyle Snorkel does not feature a purge valve. This means that any water that enters the tube must be expelled out the top. Because the lungs will have to work that much hard to harder to expel any accidental water intake, the swimmer's lung capacity and cardio training is naturally increased. In addition to working lungs harder, the Finis snorkel also allows swimmers to remain focused on their cardio levels for longer periods of time. Since the snorkel provides freestylers with a continual supply of fresh air, the device helps swimmers take the time to tweak and train even longer than before.

The AquaGear Opinion

A device as unique as the Finis Freestyle Snorkel is always a welcomed departure from the norm in the AquaGear pool. Testers loved that the snorkel was able to provide them with a steady source of fresh air. This allowed them to work on the finer aspects of their stroke without becoming overly tired. The snorkel also gently forced the testers' heads into a more efficient alignment without the swimmers even being cognisant of the change. The Finis snorkel was so solidly designed that, when properly adjusted, it easily held up to flip turns and sprint speeds. The AquaGear testers thought that this product would be perfect for freestylers, but would also work great with any of the other major strokes as well.

The Bottom Line

If you're a freestyler who is in need of a little extra help, then perhaps the Finis Freestyle Snorkel can help you fine-tune your head alignment and increase lung capacity for optimal results.

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