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Breast Stroke Fins

Too many choices? Let us help you find the perfect Breast Stroke Fins!
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Aqua Sphere Alpha Fins

Aqua Sphere Alpha Fins
Formerly the Zura Alpha Swim Fin, the first injection molded EVA foam swim fin launched into the aquatic fitness market, the Aqua Sphere Alpha Fins are a lightweight, durable fin specially designed to give you an isolated leg workout regardless of the stroke you choose. Contoured Blade Designed... Continue Reading

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Speedo Breaststroke Swim Fin

Speedo Breaststroke Swim Fin
Unique Design Unlike traditionally shaped fins that work against the breaststroke's unique frog-like kick, the highly developed Speedo Breaststroke fins greatly accelerate the whip kick teaching and learning process. Rather than taking on the appearance of a traditional fin, which usually features... Continue Reading

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Finis Positive Drive Fins

Finis Positive Drive Fins
The Finis Positive Drive Fins have a unique asymmetrical design for use in all swim strokes. The Positive Drive Fins are specifically designed to increase leg strength, foot speed and ankle flexibility for all four competitive swim strokes - making these unorthodox fins a vital piece of training... Continue Reading

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Breast Stroke Fins

If the breaststroke is your stroke of choice, or if you're just looking to improve your whip kick, then you'll need a very specific type of fin. Traditional flat-bladed fins actually work against the breaststroke kick. Thankfully, there are a few rounded blade fins available to help you work on all aspects of your whip/frog kick. Check out the all the breaststroke-specific styles available through AquaGear.

Elliptical Blade Design

The first thing you'll notice about breaststroke fins is that they are shaped differently from traditional fins. Instead of featuring a flat blade, these fins feature blades that are contoured. The rounded, elliptical design allows them to work with the whip kick's unique pattern of movements. Some breaststroke fins are contoured like a fish fin, while others feature unique offset ridges to help give the whip kick even more power. No matter which style you choose, know that you'll be getting a great leg workout that will help enhance your performance of the breast stroke.

Positive Drive

These specially designed fins are able to produce positive drive, no matter which direction they move in. Because of this property, breaststroke fins are able to easily work the entire leg. Contoured fins are designed to increase leg strength, foot speed, and ankle flexibility. These training properties are great for breaststroke swimmers, but can also greatly benefit swimmers of all strokes.

Work With All Strokes

The best thing about round shaped fins is that they are able to work with all strokes, so you can easily transition between any of the four major strokes without having to fumble with multiple pairs of fins. Breaststroke specific fins are ideal for swimmers who train for the Individual Medley or any swimmer who enjoys a varied workout. Invest in a pair of compact elliptical fins that work with all major strokes and save space and weight in your swim gear bag.