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Swim Caps That Keep Hair Dry(er)

It’s a seemingly unavoidable problem that all swimmers face. No matter how hard you try to keep your hair dry in the water, it always seems to get at least a little bit wet. Pool water treated with chlorine can damage styled or colored hair, or just leave you with a tangled mess on your hands. While you might have a great fitting cap, you might not have the best cap for keeping your hair as dry as possible. Whether you are swimming, participating in aerobics, or water skiing, if you’re in the market for a swim cap that keeps hair dry (or as dry as possible), you’ve come to the right place. Thankfully, there are a few caps available that actually work hard to keep water out while remaining as streamline and drag-free as possible. Check out the styles below and see how they can help you keep a healthy, tangle-free, (and, most importantly) dry set of locks.


Bubble Swim Caps

Bubble caps are often the best choice for keeping hair dryer in the pool.

With a triple underside ridge and flexible fit, bubble caps make for one of the most reliable caps for keeping hair dryer.

Come to find out, swimmers in the first part of the century really had it all figured out. Bubble or crepe caps, those that look straight out of the 1940′s and 50′s, do a great job at keeping hair as dry as possible. Not only do the tiny bubbles covering the cap stretch to fit a wide range of head and hair sizes, but they’re flexible enough to form to the head to keep water out. Also, many modern models are fitted with chin straps that help keep the cap comfortably and securely in place while in the water.


Take the Water Gear Crepe Bubble Cap for example. It’s retro style features some modern updates for the 21st century swimmer. The pliable cap is made from 100% rubber. The material, plus the bubble design, allows the cap to fit on the head and hair without being too tight or snug. In fact, the Water Gear bubble cap features an extended cut that helps keep the cap in place during most any kind of water activity. Pair the extra length with the cap’s comfortable chin strap, and you have an almost water-tight fit that will help streamline, insulate, and keep your hair as dry as possible.


RhyneMaiden Bubble CapIf you’re in the market for a swim cap that keeps hair dry, but prefer not to hassle with a strap, try the RhyneMaiden Bubble Cap or the All Star Crepe Bubble Cap. Like the Water Gear cap, these models are also covered with tiny, flexible bubbles to help accommodate any swimmer’s head and hair. The RhyneMaiden and All Star caps provide nearly dry hair thanks to the ridges on the underside of the cap. This set of tiny ridges help to create a seal against the head and prevent too much water from entering the cap.


These types of caps are great for all kinds of water activities and they’re available in a few different sizes for an always-perfect fit. Don one during your afternoon swim session and you’ll be able to head back to office with still fresh looking locks. To really keep your hair as dry as possible, try pairing either of the rubber bubble caps with an ultra thin latex cap. Wear the latex cap under the crepe cap for twice the protection against damaging chlorine and salt water.


Swimming Caps for keeping hair dry.

Silicone swim caps are not always the ideal choice for keeping hair dry, but may do the trick when worn along with another cap.

And if you’re not quite ready to trade in your silicone or latex cap for a retro style, then you might want to try pairing your existing cap with another cap. Because they are so thin and flexible, many swim caps can be worn on top of each other to double the odds of water staying out. Try wearing a thin latex cap under your silicone cap for a form fitting, ultra streamline, semi-watertight fit. Or, for a more relaxed fit, pair your current swim cap with a soft and flexible Lycra swim cap underneath to help amp up the cap’s stay-put power.


Remember, no cap is designed to be 100% watertight. A cap’s job is to provide swimmers with a streamline fit that holds the hair back. But, if you can find the right cap material and the right fit, you might just be able to leave the pool with a (somewhat) dry ‘do!
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