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AquaJogger Men's Fitness System

AquaJogger Men's Fitness System
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AquaJogger Men's Fitness System

The AquaJogger Menís Fitness System is an all-in-one aquatic fitness kit thatís specifically designed to target and strengthen the entire body.

The System IncludesÖ

Pro Buoyancy Belt

The Pro Buoyancy Belt not only helps support and stabilize the core and upper body, but it also provides more buoyancy than other AquaJogger belt models. This easily keeps leaner bodies afloat and allows users to fully focus on strength training. The belt fits up to a 44Ē waist.


Shaped like traditional dry-land dumbbells, the DeltaBells are handheld floats that target muscles throughout the upper body. Use them underwater to create a high level of water resistance to engage arms, chest, back and shoulders.

AquaRunners RX

The AquaRunners RX help engage muscles throughout the lower body, as well as increase cardiovascular training. These simple, yet effective, devices strap onto the lower leg/ankle and increase the amount of drag the foot creates. By doing so, the AquaRunners RX add essential load-bearing exercise to any water workout.

Getting Started DVD

The AquaJogger Menís Fitness Getting Started DVD includes recommended exercises and helpful hints and tips in order for you to get the most out of the entire set. Itís an essential guide for anyone new to AquaJogger products.

Water Workout Guide

The Water Workout Guide also features example exercises and training advice. It can be taken along with you no matter where your AquaJogger workout takes place.

All 5 products in the AquaJogger fitness set work together to create a great abdominal, upper body and lower body workout. The water-based equipment above is made from non-waterlogging, chlorine-resistant EVA foam. Not only is it highly durable, but also soft and comfortable against the skin.

AQUA JOGGER PRO BELT 24.5 10.5 5 2 Up to 48" waist. Larger straps available
AquaJogger Classic Belt Size Diagram

The elasticized strap is 2 inches wide and can be adjusted to fit waist sizes up to 48 inches. This strap may be replaced with our Aqua Jogger flotation belt replacement straps that are available in 36, 48, 55 and 60 inch lengths.

Geared Specifically Towards Men

Because men tend to have less overall body fat percentage than women, they need a little more stability and buoyancy while in the water. AquaJogger designed the package to be ultra buoyant in order to keep the user completely upright during training. The set is similar to the Womenís Fitness System, except that the Classic Belt is replaced with the extra supportive Pro Belt. And itís the Pro Buoyancy Belt that does the majority of the flotation work for the set. Itís specifically designed for leaner body types and provides more buoyancy than the AquaJogger Classic Belt. If youíre more in the market for a buoyancy neutral set, then you might be better suited for the Hydro-Tone Total Fitness System 3. This unique set includes Hydro-Tone Bells and Boots for a complete water workout. Itís ideal for alone use or in conjunction with the AquaJogger Pro Belt.

The AquaGear Opinion

AquaGearís male testers suited up to try out each and every piece included in the Menís Fitness System. The testers quickly found out that the training set produced a great total body workout. But it wasnít just the guys that were impressed by the system. Even some women, especially those who have less body fat or trouble floating, found that the AquaJogger set was ideal for their water workouts as well.

The Bottom Line

Guys, youíll be more than pleasantly surprised at how well the Menís Fitness System challenges your entire body. Pick up your set today!

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