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All Pro Thighaciser® Weight Adjustable Aquatic Thigh Weights

All Pro Thighaciser® Weight Adjustable Aquatic Thigh Weights
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All Pro Thighaciser®

The All Pro Thigh-a-Ciser Weights are designed to fit comfortably around the thigh to give your upper leg a deep, muscle building workout.

Comfortable, Adjustable Weights

The All Pro Thigh-a-Ciser features contoured foam that cushions around the leg for a secure, comfortable fit. It provides padding against the thighs, quads and hamstrings, yet still allows the leg to move freely. The leg weights’ exclusive design places the weights away from the thighs to keep an exercisers range of motion fully intact. In addition to the All Pro’s comfortable fit, the device comes with removable weights. This means that the thigh weights can be added on or taken off to meet an exercisers needs. This adaptability allows the Thigh-a-Ciser to work with any and all skill and ability levels.

Helps Enhance Full Body Workouts

While most other weighted products target the lower leg or upper body, the Thigh-a-Ciser helps aqua exercisers to tone and strengthen muscle groups in their upper legs. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use the thigh weights in conjunction with other weighted devices. Pair the Thigh-a-Ciser with a few of All Pro’s other weight water-based products. The All Pro Ankle Weights are designed like the thigh weights, yet are intended for use around the ankles. They help users achieve a great lower body and core workout. And, because you can’t get good overall results by leaving out your upper body, try on a pair of All Pro’s Wrist Weights. Designed to strap comfortably around the wrists, they give your arms, chest, and back a challenging workout without adding too much weight.

Additional Specs

The All Pro Thigh-a-Ciser Weights are covered in neoprene, which remains soft and pliable against the skin. Not only does the material help reduce friction, but it also helps keep the weights firmly in place around the thigh. The one-size-fits-all neoprene band is easy to adjust and comes with a simple, yet effective, touch fastener closure. To increase the longevity of your thigh weight, try rinsing it with a chlorine-removing cleanser. Summer Solutions Suit Solutions helps eliminate chlorine odor and residue. It also forms a protective barrier around soft, elastic materials, such as Lycra and neoprene, to keep the delicate material fresh and pliable wash after wash. Even if you aren’t using a swim-specific detergent, be sure to rinse the thigh weights off with fresh water after each and every swim. In addition to the neoprene band and weights, the Thigh-a-Ciser packaging includes an instruction sheet to help you get started with the leg weights.

The AquaGear Opinion

The AquaGear testers strapped on the Thigh-a-Ciser and got to work. They felt like the thigh weights were very well made and durable. And because they can be adjusted incrementally, the swimmers thought that the All Pro weights would be great for therapy, rehabilitation and working up to a set goal. The AquaGear testers did make a note that you will want to strap the Thigh-a-Ciser on tight. Too loose a fitting and the weights can slide down the leg.

The Bottom Line

Add to your current collection of water-based weights by throwing an All Pro Thigh-a-Ciser into your aqua aerobics routine. This simple-to-use product can help you tone and shape your thighs, hamstrings and glutes.

Rated 3/5 based on 2 customer reviews.
Customer Reviews
This product has an average rating of 3.0 stars, based on 2 reviews. Do you have a All Pro Thighaciser® Weight Adjustable Aquatic Thigh Weights? Write a review and get a 10% coupon good on your next order!
Do not do what they claim;Not allowed by YMCA, Wear poorly by stretching out qui

I purchased these back in August 2011. I started to use them at the local Wyckoff YMCA. After serveral weeks the straps stretched out and curled so they needed constant adjusting. In addition, after a couple weeks, I was spotted by the Aqua Therapy instructor using them and she told me I shouldn't swim with them on. That they weren't developing muscles and I could hurt my back. I continued to use them for aqua aerobics until an instructor spotted me constantly adjusting the strap told me I couldn't go in the deep water with them. She explained to me that using weight in water is not as productive as using resistance and the ankle buoys are a much better and safer way to improve my thighs. All said and done, I can no longer use this equipment and they cost quite a bit of money. I am not at all satisfied.
All Pro ThighACiser Aguatic Thigh & Ankle Weights are as claimed

I bought both the All Pro Aquatic ThighaCiser & Ankle Weights at another cite so I could use them in my Aquatherapy Sessions at my local YMCA. Because we were doing Aquatherapy, we used a LOT of weights (I plumb wore mine out, as did the therapists, who wore several sets of inferior weights during the same time). At no time were any of us told by anyone from the "Y" that we could not use the weights or that they would not be effective. In fact, I myself have lost over 85 lbs. (from 355 lbs. to 270) during the past 19 months. That the Aerobics Instructor at the "Y" said not to use this wonderful tool is proof of the lack of knowledge on the part the Aerobics Instructor, not the lack of usefulness on the part of the tool. That said, It's a shame when anyone encounters problems no matter what the cause of those difficulties may be. Sincerely, Michael





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